“Good advice Murray! The Demolition company and the Environmental company gave me and my client the same advice you did! I told him next time we will not waste two weeks waiting for an answer and come straight to you!!”

Michael Budd

“Hi Murray,

Thank you so much for your help the other day.  I was quite surprised about what happened to me.  It really got me thinking about my business, and reminded me to be more cautious from now on…

I know you are so busy but always stand by for people… I want to say that you are amazing and very respectable person.  I am so proud of you and happy to work in your company.

Thank you for all your help always.”

– Helen (Hea-Sung) Noh

“Commercial real estate deals were never my specialty.  Your commercial training courses made it all make sense.  Thanks again for all of your support”

– Al Shavel

“Murray, how can I thank you enough? Your timely and practical advice made the deal come together.”

– John Hendriks

“Hello Murray,

Just wanted to say thank you for talking to me today, you gave me an idea on how to control my clients from getting out of the deal and pushing the deal with the cooperating agent.  The deal is done!  Thank you!”

– Sophie Goldfarb

“Murray – I truly can’t thank you enough!  Wow!  You have NO Idea how much that really means to me.  The fact that you took the time to call me right away!  Again, MANY THANKS!  You really are the BEST!  I OWE you Big Time!”

– Erik Fishman

“Hi Murray,

Thank you very much. The deal will close. The Buyer’s lawyer accepted the point of view of the Seller’s lawyer, which was based on your suggestions.  I am now my client’s Hero and she is very impressed by you. (She is the lawyer herself, so it is not easy to impress her).  Thanks.”

– Diana Edelman

“You’re the best broker ever!!!  Thank you…now I can feel confident presenting!”

– Gioia Salvadori

“Murray, the knowledge, education and value that you provide for us is invaluable. As a result, I have made more at Sutton this year than I have made in all of my other years in real estate combined.

– Leonard Selvaratnam

“Hi Murray,

Great class today and fabulous field trip and education!!  What a great brokerage!!!”

– Gioia Salvadori

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